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Specialising for over 30 years in applying the goldsmiths’ craft to the creation of bijoux. Our unique mix of services is at your disposal, and every day our clients state their confidence: “Nobody works better than you!”.

deadema  creazione di bijoux
bijoux creation

We wish to design and produce a unique item, perfectly matching your needs.

See how, through the 9 steps below




Starting from an idea, a basic sketch or an item sampled using a 3D scanner, or based on a detailed drawing by the designer, we study the template and – using dedicated software – we process it first with CAD systems and then through accurate 3D rendering. The Deadema experience in the art of bijoux, applied to a wide range of sectors related to fashion and design, helps us create each item taking into account its functional as well as aesthetic elements.




Thanks to the latest technologies for 3D prototyping, based on a CAD draft and subsequent rendering, we use a 3D printer to produce a detailed wax model of the item, then move on to casting and completing the actual metal prototype.
This phase brings to light all the handcraft and sculpting skill of Deadema: years of making wax models exclusively by hand, enable us to achieve technical and aesthetic solutions which digital competence alone would not allow for.



Deadema - Cere

Once the prototype has been finalised and approved, we move on to the waxing area, then to the casting department, where the required items are completed using the lost wax micro-casting technique. This involves starting every time with a rubber mould, hollowed out in the shape of the metal template. Wax is then injected into the mould as many times as the number of templates required, one for each item to be produced. Experience and competence are fundamental also in the delicate phase of producing moulds, which are skilfully cut to achieve the intended result. We have a well-organised Archive of templates and moulds available for you, which makes it extremely easy to produce an item again, should you so require.

Deadema - Cere


Deadema - fusione

The wax templates are organised in bunches, then sent to the casting department, where we start by producing a plaster mould of the templates; the metal is then cast into the hollow spaces left by the molten wax, finally completing each piece in the required shape.

Deadema - fusione


Deadema - pulitura

After the pieces have been produced, they need to be cleaned, finished, polished, assembled and processed: during these steps the difference is made by the artisan goldsmith skill of our staff. The first step is automated cleaning with magnetized steel needles, followed by the finishing and polishing phases, carefully crafting each item by hand.

Deadema - pulitura


Deadema - rifinitura

Another fundamental step is the goldsmith’s bench, where the items are welded and assembled: you need to be familiar with the behaviour of metals in various shapes and sizes under the effect of heat.
This is where all the minute processing phases of the goldsmith art come into play: milling, filing, hewing. The processing of bijoux paradoxically requires even more skill than in the case of precious metals, because a “wow effect”, having as base a poor metal such as brass, can only be achieved through absolutely impeccable processing by hand.

Deadema - rifinitura


Deadema - galvanica

The items, assembled and processed, are now ready for galvanic treatment, i.e. coating with a thin layer of precious metal to produce a metalized effect. The type and thickness of the metal applied differ depending on the intended purpose of the bijoux, as jewellery item or fashion accessory.
For this step we rely on an in-house galvanisation system, which ensures us top quality results in a short time. Find out more here.

Deadema - galvanica


Deadema - smaltatura strassatura

After having completed all these processing phases in a workmanlike manner, we reach the step leading to the finished product: enamelling and strass application. Mixing and application of coloured enamels is an operation which requires the utmost artisan care and attention to each small detail; the added value of Deadema is exactly the perceivable meticulous care, dedicated to industrial items manufactured for major brands. Also strass application reaches the same level of excellence, for an impeccable finished product.

Deadema - smaltatura strassatura


Deadema packaging

With a view to offering you the best and most comprehensive service possible, we carry out careful control of the items produced; we are available to assist our clients’ quality control staff who prefer to inspect each item themselves at our operational headquarters.
We also offer a packaging service: we can deal with packaging on your behalf, making sure that we deliver products which are ready to be shipped to their final destination without further ado.

Deadema packaging

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